Nick The Hat. Like nothing you’ve heard before.

“The world you created in ‘Nick The Hat’, is a very real, raw and vivid one, with characters who are vibrant, interesting and layered. An engaging story it is.” — Theo Davies – Founder, The Southern California Screenplay Competition.

What is Nick The Hat ?

It’s a TV series based on my eccentric father, who was leading a double life for a long time and secretly taped it all.  After his passing, finding over 12,000 audio cassettes behind a false wall, a story came out, “Nick The Hat ” (NTH). 


A law-abiding blue-collar family man loses faith in the system and slowly loses his mind while rising in the ranks of the underworld.

What you are about to see/ hear is actual audio: (Warning Explicit Material) Where and When? 1980’s Brooklyn, Queens, NYC.


If you haven’t already please request series bible and pilot.

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Thanks for the consideration.

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What makes “Nick The Hat” unique? 

Simply, imagine one of your parents, dad or mom passes away and finding a treasure trove of secret tapes. Then finding out they had this whole other double life. Then being able to hear it some of it, even some of their thoughts. Their inner worlds colliding with their outer worlds and hearing them act on it, or not.

Imagine a front row seating into the 1980’s, to Nicks world, a world slowly falling apart and what man does to preserve. The day to day compounded. The details, it’s all in the crushing details of story. Writing this TV series was like staring at a huge puzzle with no picture on the side of the box. 

“The recordings themselves have such rich characters and  spinning them into a written format took a lot of trial and error around 67 re-writes but eventually seemed to fit like a good shoe.  I think, its bittersweet for me cause you always wish they could be here but you live vicariously and they do in this medium. The hardest thing I learned from all of this was two things, patience, its one word but there are so many functions to it and finally being able to say with heart , Nick The Hat  is  a gritty  TV’s series  worthy of watching, original and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Do you have your seat belt on? I’d love to pitch this show to you. ”  -Michael Perri